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Graffham Parish News is the parish magazine of St Giles Church, Graffham and St Peter's Woolavington. Graffham is in the new South Downs National Park between Midhurst and Petworth, in West Sussex.

St Giles Church Parish covers two civil parishes - Graffham and East Lavington (Woolavington is a historical title and no longer exists as a civil parish; St Peter's is now Seaford College Chapel).

Our magazine is full of information about what's going on, not just at St Giles Church but also in the local community. The magazine is available for all organisations, interest groups and individuals within the Parish to publicize their own activities and events and depends on contributions from these groups. Anyone in the Parish may subscribe for £6 pa and copies are available in the Church and Village Shop for 75p.

Regular contributors to the parish magazine include St Giles Church (with letter from the Rector and invitations to services and social events), the two separate Parish Councils of Graffham and East Lavington, the Thursday Club, the Tennis, Bowls and Cricket Clubs, Graffham Empire Movies, the Graffham Rustics, the Lavington Park Federation of Graffham Infant and Duncton CE Junior Schools, the Brownies and the Garden Club. The Graffham Down Trust, the Sussex Wildlife Trust and the National Trust wardens also contribute regularly with articles about wildlife and activities on our local reserves and commons. The Recreation Ground and Empire Hall Committees report from time to time, and anyone running any community or charity event in the village is welcome to contribute or promote their activities.

Since becoming Editor I have tried to increase the number and range of articles on local history, Graffham Church history, biography of interesting residents, and other items of local interest. Both through research and in commissioning such articles for the magazine I find I am collecting a store of reference material about Graffham, East Lavington and the surrounding area. I have started a Graffham Bibliography on the website with cross references to different magazine issues, to our own archives, and to other sources of information with links where appropriate.

Colour photos of village events are now a regular feature ... please do send in photos of events; I take a lot of photos but obviously II can't attend everything that goes on in our busy community. Photos not printed may eventually be included in the Graffham Gallery. The gallery also includes historic photos from our Archives and from parishioners own albums. (The galleries are not complete and are an on-going task). If you find your photo in our gallery and would like it removed, please email Editor.

For a calendar of Church Services, follow the St Giles link. A calendar of other activities in the villages can be found on the GraffhamOnline website.

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