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Graffham Bibliography and References

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About Our Churches: St Giles Graffham, St Peter's East Lavington & All Saints Chapel

The Bells of St Giles by George White (article in GPN January 2012 and leaflet)

Ancient Church Bells at Cocking, Heyshott, Graffham & Duncton (Frederick T Barrett 1956) (Read Extract Here)

St Giles Church Windows (Mary Butterworth, GPN March 2011)

Sussex Parish Churches Website - St Giles Graffham

Sussex Parish Churches Website - St Peters East Lavington

St Peter's, Woolavington, A Visitor's Guide (researched by Joscelyn Johnson with photos by Fiona Gray)

Rebuilding St Giles Tower by AE Street (Mary Butterworth, GPN Mar 2008)

Opening of St Giles Church after rebuilding by G E Street - transcript of article in Sussex Agricultural Express 6th November 1875

References to Ancient Sussex Churches in 'The Ecclesiologist' Mainly As Regards Restoration And Repair by O.H. Leeney (SAC vol 88, 1949, pp 162-165)

The Sharpe Collection and the "original" St Giles by Henry Petrie (Mary Butterworth, GPN Aug 2008)

Sussex Churches: The Sharpe Collection of watercolours and drawings 1797-1809 mainly by Henry Petrie F.S.A. (1979 Catalogue, available to read in West Sussex Libraries)

Caroline, the lost love of the Cardinal (Jonathan Luxmoore - article re. Henry Manning's early marriage to Caroline Sargent in Church Times Issue 8567, 28th March 2008. (Abridged version in GPN Mar 2009).

Cardinal Manning and Lavington Rectory (Article and sketches from Illustrated London News, January 1892; sketches of Beechwood House (Old Rectory) and Lavington Church - transcribed with illustrations in GPN February 2012) (page from ILN containing the sketches is available to purchase, please email editor if interested)

The Legend of Saint Giles (Richard Bailey, GPN Aug 2009)

Remembrance Sunday Sermon (Peter Pine-Coffin, November 2008)

On This Our Festal Day (A Hymn for St Giles Day written by Richard Bailey)

First Service in the Side Chapel at St Giles (Midhurst, Petworth & District Times, 17th Feb 1961)

St Giles Church Kneelers (Diana White)

Your Village: In the Footsteps of the Sporting Milkmaids (Article about St Giles Kneelers, Midhurst & Petworth Observer, July 1989)

The Story of All Saints' Kneelers (Sylvia Smith, GPN Oct 2008)

All Saints Chapel (transcript of notice on wall by G Loring March 1960)

All Saints Chapel (Article from Midhurst & Petworth District Times 30th October 1953)

All Saints Chapel (Article from Midhurst & Petworth District Times 6th November 1953)

Rectors of St Giles Graffham a list taken from the board in the Church

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Graffham History / Places

Graffham through a Thousand Years (Frederick T. Barrett pub. 1953, Millenium Reprint 2000)

The Empire Hall - A Brief History (on the Empire Hall website)
Empire Hall Clock (article GPN December 2012)

Lavington Stud - "The Studs of Lavington Park", Sussex County Magazine, 1929

Lavington Park, Sussex: The Seat of Lord Woolavington (Country Life, 25th July 1925)
Article about architecure of Lavington Park, with plan showing which bits were part of John Sargent's original house and which were added by Lord Woolavington; second article "Horses and Pictures at Lavington Park".

Selham Airfield Project / Millburgh Hall
"Long Lost Rifle Range of RNAS Cowdray Park - found" (Tania Pons, Selham Airfield Project GPN Aug 2010)
"Remembering RNAS Cowdray Park 1941-45" (Tania Pons, Selham Airfield Project GPN November 2010)
Wrens Ahoy in Graffham - Again! (Tania Pons, Selham Airfield Project GPN July 2011)
Wrens, Commandos and a Village Fete! (Tania Pons, Selham Airfield Project GPN August 2011)

Where Feudalism Died Hard (Village Within Living Memory No 3) - Article in The Midhurst, Petworth & District Times, Friday, December 30 1960.

Your Village: In the Footsteps of the Sporting Milkmaids - Article in The Midhurst & Petworth Observer, July 1989)

Graffham Celebrates the Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, 2012 (photo book in pdf format - for details of how to purchase a hard copy, please contact the Editor).

Graffham & District Nursing Association (DNA) changes name to Graffham Health Support Association (GHSA) (GPN June 2011)

A Graffham Celebration: Transcript of article from the West Sussex Gazette 29th June 1911 re festivities for the Coronation of King George V. (GPN June 2011)

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Graffham People / Biography / Obituaries

Lady Bateman : 1906-2008 (Paula Burke, GPN Jan 2009)

Carolyn Davies : 1939-2012 (Maggie Paterson & Janet Stewart-Smith with Meriel Lydyard), GPN Jan 2013)

Funeral Tribute - Brigadier William Francis Allan Findlay OBE (30th October, 2009)

David and Katherine Guillod: Benefactors of Graffham. Some Memories from the Graffham Archives (GPN September 2010)

Ron King (Maggie Paterson, GPN April 2012)

Michael Lee (Philip Trower, GPN Apr 2010)

Eddye Loring (Maggie Paterson, GPN Sept 2008)

Long Live our Queen Eddye Loring's Anthem written for the Coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in 1953

Claud Mullins:

Claud Mullins: Rebel, Reformer, Reactionary (Emma Dally 2010)
Claud Mullins: Rebel, Reformer, Reactionary : Article by Emma Dally (GPN March 2010)


Florence Nagle:

Mission Accomplished The life and times of Florence Nagle (Ferelith Somerfield, Dog World Pubications 1999)
Starting A Stud; Article by Florence Nagle in Winners for 1946 (Ed. Meyrick Good and John Betts)
Florence Nagle 1894-1988: Graffham animal breeder, trainer and campaigner (Mary Butterworth, GPN June 2011)
Articles and Obituaries in "The Irish Wolfhound", Volume 10, Issue 4, December 1988


Peter Parish 1919-2009 (Martin Buckley, GPN Aug 2009)

Peter Pine-Coffin 1937-2009 (Martin Buckley, GPN Aug 2009)

Sadiq Muhammad Khan V : Ameer of Bahawalpur:
Sadiq Muhammad Khan V : Last ruler of the princely state of Bahawalpur (Mary Butterworth GPN, December 2009)
His Highness the Ameer of Bahawalpur (Sheila Covey, GPN, December 2009)
Chapter in Beyond Belief: Islamic Excursions Among the Converted Peoples (V S Naipaul 1999)
Ameer's Party is Best Yet (Midhurst, Petworth & District Times, 1961)
Pakistan President visits Ameer: Extract from the Midhurst & Petworth Observer, 14th July 1961 (GPN July 2011)


Sir Charles Hugh Reece, 1927-2010 (Martin Buckley, GPN December 2010)

Sir Harry Ricardo (Engineer):
Sir Harry Ricardo (Alan Longworth GPN May 2010)
Memories and Machines – The pattern of my Life by Sir Harry Ricardo, F.R.S. (Constable 1968)
Engines and Enterprise – The Life and Work of Sir Harry Ricardo by John Reynolds (Sutton Publishing 1999)
Ricardo UK Website


Halsey Ricardo (Architect):
Small Country Houses of Today (Sir Lawrence Weaver) : chapter on "Woodside, Graffham"
The Town Houses of Halsey Ricardo - I by Madge Garland (Country Life November 13, 1975)
The Town Houses of Halsey Ricardo - II by Madge Garland (Country Life November 20, 1975)


Murder of Captain Sargent - see Dodsley's Annual Register Vol 49, 1807 on google ebooks


Sir George Scott:
Sir George Scott 1851-1935 (Article by M Butterworth GPN August 2012)
Thereaway - the White House with a History (Article by Peter Moxom GPN August 2012)
The Trouser People by Andrew Marshal (Viking 2002 & River Books 2012)
Scott of the Shan Hills by G E Mitton (John Murray 1936)


Gordon Wakeford, Tribute by his son, Mark (GPN March 2011)

Major-General John Willis (obituary from Daily Telegraph, 24th February 2010)
John Willis (Philip Trower, GPN Apr 2010)

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Graffham Barrows and Cross Dykes: Barrows (John Mills, WSCC Archaeologist, GPN Apr 2009)

Graffham Potters (Dr Danae Tankard, Weald & Downland, GPN Jul 2009 reprinted from Past Matters)

Graffham and Woolavington potters, tile-makers and brickmakers, c. 1590-1740 (Dr Danae Tankard, SAC volume 146, 2008, copy in Graffham Archive)

The Production of Late and Post-Medieval Pottery in the Graffham Area of West Sussex ( F G Aldsworth and AG Down, SAC 128, 1990)

An Early Mesolithic Site and Prehistoric Flintwork from Graffham Common and Neighbouring Areas on the Lower Greensand, West Sussex ( R D C Holgate, E W Holden and H G Holden SAC 124, 1986)

The Excavation of a Motte at Lodsbridge Mill, Lodsworth (E W Holden, SAC CV, 1967)

Covered Ways n the Sussex Downs (Eliot Curwin MA MB BC & Eliot Cecil Curwen BA, SAC 59, 1918 p35-75)

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Art and Crafts

A History of Graffham Weavers (Barbara Mullins, GPN Jul 2008)

Graffham Weaving, Pottery & Glass (Frederick T Barrett, Article in Sussex County Magazine, July 1955)

Henry Herbert La Thangue RA (1859-1929)
H H La Thangue, RA (M Butterworth, GPN Nov 2009)
A Painter’s Harvest: H.H.La Thangue 1859-1929 (Oldham Art Gallery / Kenneth McConkey 1978)
Painters and Peasants: Henry La Thangue and British Rural Naturalism 1880-1905(Adrian Jenkins / Bolton Museum & Art Gallery 2000)
British Impressionism (Kenneth McConkey / Phaidon Press 1989)
Henry Herbert La Thangue and His Work  by George Thomson, The Studio, October 1896
Mr La Thangue’s Paintings by Walter Sickert, The New Age, May 7 1914



Ivon Hitchens (1893-1979)
Ivon Hitchens (Peter Khoroche, Lund Humphreys 2007, 2009)

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Personal Histories and Memoirs

An Evacuee remembers Graffham in Wartime (Ron Probert, GPN Apr 2008)

Lillie Puttick Remembers the Empire Hall in the 1950's (Lillee Puttick, GPN May 2008)

Lillie Puttick Remembers the Coronation in Graffham (Lillee Puttick, GPN June 2012)

When the Queen came to Lavington! (Joscelyn Johnson, GPN June 2012)

Childhood memories of Graffham in the 1940's (Brenda Margaret Mitchell, nee Boswell) GPN May 2008)

"Dad's Army" in Graffham (Extract from Billy Rough's Autobiography, GPN Sept 2008)

Memories of World War I (Extract from Billy Rough's Autobiography, GPN Oct 2008)

A War Hero from Graffham (Sgt. George Boswell M.M., GPN Nov 2008)

Pig Farming in the 1940's (Extract from Billy Rough's Autobiography, GPN Nov 2008)

How Seaford College came to Lavington (Joscelyn Johnson, GPN Dec 2008)

Message in a Bottle (Joscelyn Johnson, GPN March 2012)

Dairy Farming in the 1950's & 1960's (Extract from Billy Rough's Autobiography, GPN Feb 2009)

Graffham in Wartime 1939-1945 (anonymous memoir from the Graffham Archives, GPN Sept 2009)

Arthur and Ernest Boswell: Two Great War brothers in arms (Phil Boswell, GPN November 2010)

WI Scrapbook 1947 : Memories of Graffham stretching back to the 1880's collected by members of the Women's Institute

Seaford College: The Early Years at Lavington Park (Julia Hudson GPN April 2011)

Two Years in Graffham : An American's Experience (Rex Russell GPN Jan 2012)

Graffham FC (article containing history of the Club) (Keith Tupper GPN June 2012)

Memories of a 1950's pupil of Graffham School) (Pauline Goodwin GPN November 2012)

1st Graffham & Heyshott Guides 1970-2012 (Carol Tickner GPN December 2012)

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Natural History / Countryside

"The Serpent Trail" (Rob Free, Project Manager, Sussex Wealden Greensand Heaths Project, GPN Apr 2008)

Lavington Common and Lavington Plantation
Lavington Common and Lavington Plantation (David Wraith, National Trust, GPN Jun2008)
Some of the Birds of Lavington Common & Plantation: A personal view (Alan Perry, GPN Oct 2008)
Lavington Common & Plantation: News from the National Trust (Fiona Scully, National Trust, GPN Jan 2009)
Lavington Common and Plantation (Fiona Scully, National Trust, GPN Jan 2011)

Graffham Down History
"Death on Graffham Down" by Christopher Brasher, Observer Nov 16th 1980
(a link to 1980's article about changing environment on Graffham Down, from the website of environmentalist Marion Shoard)
The Theft of the Countryside by Marion Shoard (pub Maurice Temple Smith Ltd 1980) - Chapter on Graffham Down 1970's


Graffham Down Trust
Graffham Down Trust : Helping to Preserve our Fragile Ecosystem (Paul Dimmer, Graffham Down Trust, GPN Oct 2008)
Graffham - flowers & plants (Bruce Middleton, South Downs Joint Committee, GPN Jun 2009)
Graffham Down Trust : Reports by David Mozley on taking over as Chairman. (GPN April 2011 and GPN May 2011)
Graffham Down Trust: Update by David Mozley (GPN Oct 2011)
Graffham Down Trust: Butterfly Report 2011 by Biddy Dimmer and Dianne Hardcastle (GPN Nov 2011)
In Pursuit of the Emperor : Apatura Iris butterfly on South Downs (Paul Dimmer, Graffham Down Trust, GPN Oct 2008)
The Millenium Garden: Guy Meredith, Chairman of Graffham Down Trust, GPN Oct 2010

Graffham Common
Sussex Wildlife Trust Safeguards Heathland at Graffham Common (Vicky Whitaker, SWT, GPN Oct 2008)

If You Go Down to the Woods Today ... (Sue Cooper, Biowise, GPN Aug 2008)
Hoyle Depot "The Bug Farm" by Sue Cooper of Biowise (GPN May 2011)

Association of Lowland Search and Rescue (ALSAR) (Michael Castleden, GPN August 2010)

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The Highwayman: A Legend of Lavington in Days Gone By (Joscelyn Johnston, GPN April 2010)

The White Lady, legend of the ghost of Lavington Park (Joscelyn Johnston, GPN July 2010)

Zeke's Grave, Gog Woods (Becca Wyatt, GPN June 2010)

Toby's Stone Memorial to Toby Fitzwilliam (Becca Wyatt, GPN Feb 2010)

Graffham: Snow, Night (Full Moon): (Poem by organist Richard Bailey, GPN Feb 2011)

Fine Art and Poetry (Poem by organist Richard Bailey, GPN March 2011)

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Video Links

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Penny Journey - The Story of a Post Card from Manchester to Graffham (1938) Watch it here on YouTube ...

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An Easter Menu : Orange, Rosemary & Honey Crusted Rack of Lamb followed by Champagne & Primrose Jelly (Joanna Oomen & Sue van Zwanenberg, GPN Mar 2008)

Beef Panaeng (Sue van Zwanenberg, GPN Dec 2008)

Christmas Cake (Jill Wilkinson, GPN Oct 2009)

Cranberry Cupcakes (Miranda Gore Brown, GPN Nov 2010)

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SAC= Sussex Archaeological Collections